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The Bacon Cheesebrüger
5.2% ABV
Smoked Amber Ale. Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Thrillist, this smoked amber ale is made with US 2Row, English Brown Malt, Rolled Oats and our house smoked malt that has been smoked over bacon cheeseburgers smoked above applewood chips. (No ingredient was in direct contact with meat; this beer is vegetarian friendly) In addition, we added 12 toasted sesame buns, 12 toasted Portuguese muffins, and 12 toasted brioche mini buns to the mash. Hopped with Chinook and Nugget for a crisp finish. This beer is delicious with bacon cheeseburgers of course!
Blackberry Berlesque
2.9% ABV
Third in the "Pillow Talk Series" brewed with Mary Izett of Fuhmentaboudit! (and the lovely lady I share my pillow with). This Berliner Weisse-esque style beer was brewed using a kettle souring method with blackberry puree added post fermentation. The result is an awesomely refreshing sweet and tart blackberry ale.
Gran Marvin
Belgian Witbier. Sweet and melodious like Gran Marnier and Marvin Gaye! This Belgian Witbier is brewed with coriander, sweet orange peel and a touch of chamomile atop a bed of wheat and pilsner malts. Hersrucker hops dance with the spices to create a refreshing drink of merriment and love. Orange slice optional.
Steel Dreamin' IPA
Version 7.0 of our house IPA. Brewed with Warrior, CTZ, Citra, and Amarillo hops atop a Maris Otter base. Sweet and melodious like Gran Marnier and Marvin Gaye. This Belgian Witbier is brewed with coriander, sweet orange peel and a touch of chamomile atop a bed of wheat and pilsner malts. Hersbrucker hops dance with the spices to create a refreshing drink of merriment and love. Orange slice optional.
Sunshine & Moonlight
8.3% ABV
This beer is a Saison style Braggod (part mead/part beer) brewed in brollaboration with our great friend Michael Fairbrother of Moonlight Meadery located in New Hamshire. He makes some of the finest meads in the world and we are proud to now carry some of his meads on a regular basis. This beer is made with 1/3 pilsner malt, 1/3 wheat malt, and 1/3 orange blossom honey from Tremblay Apiaries in upstate NY. It is dry and crisp with spicy citrus fun - dangerously quaffable!
Golden Gordon
A Belgian Golden Strong. This beer is not necessarily not my tribute to our hero Gordon Strong (author of Brewing Better Beer, as well as the BJCP Style Guidelines) but I can't wait for the life of me say the words Golden Strong in succession. When I speak of this style, the words that flow from my mouth always end up coming out as "Gordon Strong". Gordon Strong is a family name in my house and he is worth knowing! A big sweet lovely beer for a big sweet lovely guy. This Belgian Strong Ale is made with Pilsner Malt & Cane Sugar for that big sweet lovely. Hopped with Hersbrucker, Saaz and Hallertauer & fermented with Wyeast 3725 Bier De Garde yeast.
beers on deck

Citra SMaSHA Single Malt and Single Hop pale ale solely with Golden Promise malt and Citra hops. Solely with late hop additions: 10, 5, and 0 minutes + dry hop.
NormanSummer Stout
Barrel Aged Golden GordonThe Golden Gordon (Belgian Golden Strong) aged in rye whiskey barrels from Dad's Hat Distillery in Bristol, PA.
BraggotociousA light kettle soured braggot using wildflower honey from Tremblay Apiaries in Upstate NY. Brewed in brollaboration with our friend Rafael Lyon from Enlightenment Wines. Finished with Brettanomyces Lambicus
beers past

Vieux Monde
6% ABV
"Old World" - This Belgian Pale Ale was brewed with Pilsner, Wheat, Oat and Crystal Malts. It is a fantastically refreshing yeast forward pale ale in celebration of our transition to summer 2014!
BR De Garde
6.3% ABV
Brewed in "Gallaboration" with our dear friend B.R. Rolya of Shelton Brothers Importers, this Biere De Garde style ale is malt forward with a delightfully crisp finish. Based on an award-winning recipe from her and Bob Weyersberg's homebrewing days, it uses Vienna, Pilsner and Aromatic Malts with a touch of Crystal 80 and Wheat. Hopped with Strisselspalt and Brewers Gold.
Big Alice Alcoholiday
8.8% ABV
This festive ale was brewed as a “graf” with our friends Robert Crafton and Kyle Hurst of Big Alice Brewing Company. It was brewed with a large portion of fresh apple juice from Massachusetts. A “graf” is part cider, part beer. With a pleasant dose of Victory and Aromatic malts, it is a bready/biscuit ale with the sweetness of apple, the spice of cinnamon along with an alcoholic bite. It emotes the essence of a classic American apple pie without being overly sweet. A crisp dry finish.
Virgin Snow
9% ABV
When I asked my friend Brian Bennett to brew in collaboration with me he became utterly perplexed. Brian is a relentless craft beer junkie yet had never brewed a beer. He didn’t think he’d ever have to answer the question “what do you want to brew?”. This beer is his answer. It is a big alcohol Imperial Stout with delectable chocolate roast character and moderate sweetness. We brewed this beer with Brian and his friend Don Bethany in December in what ended up being the first of many snow storms this season… hence the name Virgin Snow (also to representing Brian’s first time brewing). This beer was lots of fun to create, and even more pleasant to drink!
Cat Sitting Bitter
4.5% ABV
An English Pale ale hopped with East Kent Goldings and dry hopped with Citra. This beer is a fantastically refreshing pale ale, light in body and heavy in character with an extremely sessional Alcohol By Volume.
Binary Belgian
7% ABV
This Belgian Dubbel Style beer was brewed using house made Belgian candy syrup. While showcasing a heavy Belgian yeast strain character, it meets the middle with dark fruit notes of raisins, plums and cherries. This beer is wonderful with food and can add complexity to almost any meal.
Lynn Der Weise
5% ABV
Weisse = White in German. Weise = Wise in German. Lynn is not German. This beer is though! Lynn Der Weise Hefe-Weizen style ale is brewed with 63% wheat malt and 37% pilsner malt alongside Hallertau hops and a German Hefewizen ale yeast. It is light and bright with light notes of citrus and clove. Orange slice optional.
Lexx 790
9.4% ABV
A wheat wine with seduction on its mind, Lexx 790 is assertive and blunt with a smoothly crisp finish. Using 64% wheat malt and 22% Maris Otter, plus a touch of specialty malts… this high alcohol beer is a magical dance on the tongue. Hopped with Warrior and Hersbrucker hops.
Way of the Sam-O'-Rye
5% ABV
Inspired by the movie Ghost Dog and brewed in brollaboration with my dear friend Mike Lovullo of Union Beer Distributors, this Oatmeal Porter was made with a touch of rye to kick in some spice to balance out the sweet creamy oatmeal character. Big in body, chocolaty yet crisp, with a moderate alcohol by volume, this beer is an incredibly dark 'Summer Ale'. Flaked oats, malted oats, roasted barley, chocolate malt atop a bed of golden promise malt. East Kent Golding, Fuggle and Galena hops.
This Little Piggy Ate Smoked Beef
Smoked Summer Mild. Brewed with our friend Robert Crafton of Big Alice Brewing Co., this smoked summer mild is crisp, smoky and bright. 25% cherrywood smoked malt, 40% wheat, 30% golden promise and flaked oats, along with Nugget and East Kent Golding hops. Delightfully thirst quenching with the essence of all things good in barbecue. Happy summer!